The Big Cave – Vela Spila

Try the English guided tour to ‘Vela Spila’ – the ‘Big Cave’

When visiting the cave and you will learn about what life was like when the cave was inhabited and see where our predecessors lived for over 20,000 years.

The ‘Big Cave’ is an enormous, well lit cave which was inhabited by early humans from at least 25 thousand years ago until the Bronze Age some 4000 years ago. And then it was still often used for various purposes.

When the cave was inhabited, the northern Adriatic was a grassy plain, a refugium for life during the ice age and Korčula was a 500m high mountain; the climate was colder and drier, perhaps like Scandinavia today.

You will learn how people occupied their time, what they ate and what was important to them.

You’ll discover an extraordinary event which tells us why Vela Spila is specially unique in Europe and you’ll find out about a cataclysmic occurrence which left the cave uninhabited for a long while.

As the climate warmed, the sea level rose, Korčula became an island and life around the cave changed again.

Thanks to the archaeologists there are lots of stories to be told, but there is also so much more to find out. The archaeologists would like to know more about the burials they found and the rites and beliefs of the people. Also they need to dig deeper to find out who were the earliest inhabitants of Vela Spila.

So come and visit Vela Spila and find out more about the our predecessors.

We have pleasure in advising you that audio tours are now available for Vela Spila.

There are 11 clips each lasting around 3 minutes to give a 30 minute tour.

They can be freely downloaded here :


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